Going Rate: The Cost of Attending Prom

Patch does the research on just how much it costs to go to Prom these days.

Prom season is upon us, which means it's time for most parents to break out the checkbooks. Patch did a little research to help parents and Prom goers an idea of the typical costs to attend Prom these days:


The dress is the most important part of the process for girls. With so many styles and price points, it's the biggest decision to be made. Patch shopped some local retailers to get an idea of price.


$50-$300 plus $59.99-$199.99 Sears $29.99-$129.99

All three of these retailers have already marked down many of their Prom styles.

As for the boys, they'll need a tuxedo.

Men's Wearhouse $59.99-$149.99 Savvi Formalwear $59.95-$129.95

Price depends on the style of the tuxedo and the accessory package (shoes, tie, cufflinks, etc.) chosen. See stores for more details for additional promotions and discounts.


For girls, shopping for Prom doesn't stop at the dress. They'll also need shoes, jewelry and other accessories.


Earrings Starting around $7.50


Starting around $8 Necklace and Earring Sets Starting around $18 Purses $14-$26

David's Bridal

Earrings Starting around $10 Necklaces Starting around $10 Necklace and Earring Sets Starting around $15 Purses $9.99-$39 Shoes $15-$189; many from $45-$69

Hair and Nails

To complete the Prom package, girls will head to the nail and hair salons for finishing touches.

Up-dos from $60-$85
Up-dos starting at $50

Manicure and Pedicure for $30; student rate


Once the teens are properly dressed, accessorized and styled, a little spending cash for the evening will be required:

  • Formal pictures: Price depends on which package is purchased;
  • Dinner: Price depends on where Prom goers dine;
  • Dance tickets: Price depends on the school.

We at Patch hope this information was helpful in budgeting for you or your child's big night out. Stay tuned for another article on this year's Prom trends.

Mary Barnes April 22, 2011 at 11:05 PM
Thanks for the break down of prices. I also read the Star Trib., and todays young people are so cleaver, and creative. The seem very aware of the cost of an event like prom. Welcome to the 1970's!


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