Community Members Recognize Richfield Teachers

It's Teacher Appreciation Week. Give your own shout out in the comments section.

In honor of PTA's Teacher Appreciation Week, Richfield community members have written in to Richfield Patch with words of praise for local teachers.

A woman, going just by Teresa, wrote:

"Thanks to Mrs. Anderson, 5th grade teacher at RSTEM (), for all you do for your students. Great teacher!"

Beth di Grazia, a parent of two children at , said:

"My daughter Crystel has Senor Nathaniel Kuster at RDLS. I really appreciate how he has gotten to know her and has taken individual interest in her. Crystel is an awesome child with quite the wit when you get to know her. But it isn't until you really have gained her trust and liking that she allows the fullness of this part of her out. Senor Kuster has found that place where she lives and is now a recepient of who Crystel genuinely is. I find that a remarkable gift for Crystel to have had a teacher that she has grown so fond of to give her very best. Thank you, Senor Kuster.
"Antonio, has Senora Jacques at RDLS. He appreciates her. He respects her. And, I love that about Senora Jacques. She knows Antonio. For a teacher to know a child to me is a sign of a very fine teacher.
"Both of my children have been very blessed with just the right teachers for both of them. How did that happen? It must be that RDLS has great maestros!"

Do you have something you'd like to say to a local teacher? Tell them in the comments section below.

Caitlin Burgess May 09, 2012 at 10:57 PM
I just got this from Hope Wilson: Senora Myriam Castro is a true gem. Each of my sons have had her as a teacher and no matter what grade she teaches, she gives so much of herself. It's not just a job for her, it's a home. She loves each and every child as if they were her own. Years after kids have had her in class, they still go up to her and she is always so excited to see them. She creates a bond with her students. It's not just about teaching them. The kids know she really cares about them. And it shows. You can tell the children love her and want to please her, as they often do 'extra homework' that they create themselves. They bring it in to her in the morning, and she just raves about how great their work is. She motivates each child to do their very best, and when you have children on both the very high and very low levels, I personally think that is quite an impressive feat to manage. Some people say that she yells a lot (she's says it's because she's a latina!), but that's not what I hear. What I hear is a true mom at heart. She sounds just like a parent. When she needs to discipline, it has love in it, and because of that, she has the respect of all the children.
Caitlin Burgess May 09, 2012 at 10:57 PM
Wilson's comment continued: She exudes energy. She believes that learning should be fun! So, she is always coming up with new and creative ways for the children to learn without realizing they are really learning. She doesn't do anything half-way. If she does something, she does it well. For our school performance in December, she bought all the material and sewed the girls' skirts herself, spending hours of her own time on it. She said she wanted the parents to be pleased. She cares what we parents think about her, but she need not worry. This woman is not afraid to speak frankly to us parents. If there are problems, she doesn't beat around the bush. She tells it straight. And I believe she has earned the respect of all the parents in how she approaches us. She is indeed a special lady as well as a most excellent teacher who deserves to be appreciated much more than once a year! We love you Sra Castro!!!!


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