(VIDEO) Sen. Torres-Ray Shares Reasonings for Supporting Same-Sex Marriage in Spanish

For the first time on the Senate floor, Richfield Sen. Patricia Torres-Ray uses her native tongue to explain why she supports same-sex marriage.

Richfield Sen. Patricia Torres-Ray (D-Richfield/Minneapolis) wanted to make sure her reasonings for supporting same-sex marriage legislation were heard in both Spanish and English Monday.

For the first time in her Senate career, Torres-Ray spoke to her family, friends and constituents in her native language, saying her support for same-sex marriage, or any human rights issue, is all about justice and equality.

"A mi familia, a mis amigos, a las personas que comparten mi fe," She said. "[Mi trabajo] es sobre equalidad, es sobre acceso, y es para luchar para que todos seamos iguales y todos tengamos derechos. Derechos de inmigración, derechos de educación, derechos de casarnos en uno con el otro. ... Son las mismas cosas. Son los mismos derechos."

The bill passed 37-30 and will be signed into law by Gov. Mark Dayton at 5 p.m. Tuesday on the Capitol's steps.

The video above is courtesy of The UpTake. For more information, go to theuptake.org.


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