Slocum Helps Establish Funding for Lindau Lane Corridor Project, Responds to Gun Law Repeal

The Minnesota State Legislature is in session.

Editor's note: Capitol Review is a weekly look at what your state legislators are doing at the Minnesota Capitol—how they're voting, the bills they're writing and the issues they're getting behind. Come back to Richfield Patch every Monday for a new Capitol Review.

Here’s what happened this past week with bills authored or co-authored by Richfield's legislative representatives:

State Sen. Ken Kelash  (D-Richfield)

  • Co-authored a bill that would provide a coyote conflict management option to Minnesota counties, which would allow the taking of coyotes. SF0228 was introduced on Feb. 3 and referred to the Local Government and Elections Committee.
  • Kelash is serving on the Agriculture and Rural Economies, Environment and Natural Resources and Jobs and Economic Growth Committees this session.

State Rep. Linda Slocum (D-Richfield)

  • Co-authored a bill that modified driver’s license transaction fees, which went through its first reading on Feb. 3.
  • Authored a bill in the Transportation Policy and Finance Committee to issue money and bonds for the Lindau Lane Corridor project, which would amount to more than $15 million. HF0354 was introduced on Feb. 3.
  • Responded to the repeal of the current gun law requiring background checks for gun purchasers. To see her full release on Patch, click .
  • Slocum is serving on the Commerce and Regulatory Reform, Education Finance and Public Safety and Crime Prevention Policy and Finance Committees this session.

Rep. Paul Thissen (D-Minneapolis)

  • Co-authored a bill that created a new education funding framework and modified the school finance system. HF0345 was introduced on Feb. 3.
  • Thissen is serving on the Rules and Legislative Administration Committee this session.


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