Rep. Slocum Says Paycheck Donation Wasn't for 'Political Purposes'

After it was announced that many legislators would be receiving retroactive pay after declining their salaries during the shutdown, some Minnesotans were outraged. Rep. Linda Slocum responds to her donation of her funds.

(D-Richfield) announced today that her donation to Bloomington-based Cornerstone—a local advocacy organization that serves battered women and families in Richfield and other cities—was not politically motivated.

, Slocum planned to donate her retroactive pay for the time she declined to be paid during the 20-day Minnesota government shutdown. Apparently, many were outraged by legislators taking back-pay and Slocum sent an e-mail statement Tuesday:

"During the government shutdown, I stood in solidarity with laid-off state workers and did not receive my paycheck. Once the shutdown was completed, I was informed by the House Budget Office that they could not donate my back pay, and I had to take my check and then donate it to a worthy cause, which is exactly what I’ve done. I wanted my salary from the shutdown to be useful in the communities I represent.

"Domestic abuse prevention programs were dealt a massive cut by the majority party in the legislature. I donated to Cornerstone to try to alleviate some of the budgetary pressure they felt. Cornerstone is a domestic abuse prevention program serving both my communities of Richfield and Bloomington. Cornerstone does great work for the people in the communities I have the honor of serving and I felt this was a very worthy use of my pay from the shutdown.

"I did this not for political purposes—in fact, it was done long before the recent outrage over legislative back pay—but to do the right thing, and to benefit our community. I find the journalism done on this story to be reprehensible. Few media outlets bothered to contact me and others choose to ignore my donation in an effort to portray me as a 'typical politician.' I always have done my best to serve my constituents honorably, and this situation is no different."

John August 23, 2011 at 05:30 PM
John, For a State Rep. or Senator to receive back pay after declining to be paid for the shutdown period is wrong, wrong, wrong. Have all layed off State workers been offered the opportunity to receive back pay for the same period of time, and then been given the choice to decline, donate to a non-profit or accept the monies?


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