Marriage Amendment: Candidates for Minnesota State Legislature Weigh-In

Who of those running to represent Richfield supports the proposed amendment? Who opposes it? Find out below.

Those vying for spots in the Minnesota House and Senate as Richfield representatives were asked for their views on the proposed marriage amendment during a candidate forum Sept. 29.

And while all agreed the government should not be involved in legislating on moral or social issues such as marriage, views differed. And, well, some didn’t exactly answer the question.

Senate District 50

Melissa Halvorson-Wiklund (D)

  • Does not support.

Wiklund said she felt it was inappropriate for state legislators to put the amendment on the ballot.

Vern Wilcox (R)

  • Does support.

Wilcox said he didn’t see marriage or gay marriage as a government issue, and therefore did not agree with legislators’ decision to move forward with it as an amendment. However, as a Catholic, he said he is in support of the amendment.

Senate District 63

*Patricia Torres-Ray (D)

  • Does not support.

Torres-Ray said voters needed to look at why this is on the ballot when Minnesota law already states people of the same gender couldn’t marry legally.

The other candidate for Senate District 63, Patrick Marron was not present at the forum.

House District 50A

*Linda Slocum (D)

  • Does not support.

Slocum believes the measure is discriminatory and said constitutions are meant to expand freedoms, not limit them.

Craig Marston (R)

  • Does support.

Marston said the word “marriage” is the issue for him. While he believes the legislature shouldn’t have proposed the amendment, he does support it personally.

Joseph Koch (I)

  • Unknown.

Koch believes the government should stay out of legislating morals, including social issues. However, he does believe that amendment should be on the ballot and voters should have the opportunity to vote on it. He didn’t say whether he was personally in support of the amendment.

House District 63B

*Jean Wagenius (D)

  • Does not support.

Wagenius said it was inappropriate to put “this type of limitation” in a state’s constitution, believing the constitution serves to give and protect rights.

Matt Ashley (R)

  • Unknown.

Ashley thought marriage and government should be separated completely, at which point decisions on whether or not to have a union would be between the couple and the officient. He did not express whether he personally supports the measure.

(*) denotes incumbent

The League of Women Voters of Richfield sponsored the candidate forum. Stay tuned for other articles with details from the event.

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