It's Official: Richfield High's Baseball Field Is Getting Lights

The Richfield City Council granted a conditional use permit for the lights and other field upgrades Tuesday night.

will now be able to offer options to its athletic conference and local program users this coming spring.

The Richfield City Council unanimously granted a conditional use permit Tuesday night, allowing builders to move forward with installing lights and adding a variety of accessory upgrades. Among the upgrades are a new backstop, bleachers, a concession area, press box and making the fields handicap accessible.

While the community was seemingly happy to be getting a revamped field, throughout the early part of the summer. while proponents felt the total revamp of the field should be done right the first time.

Athletic Director was on hand Tuesday night to address previously and the council.

While he said the use of fields would increase in the summer, it would be by teams and organizations—such as the American Legion baseball team—that currently use high school facilities. The possibility of attracting other users has been acknowledged, however, at this point Olson anticipates summer use to increase by two or three games a week.

"[The lights give us] the ability to offer that 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. scheduling," Olson said.

As far as how long the lights can be on, the school said it would go by city guidelines used for the fields: Lights out at 10:45 p.m.; everyone out by 11 p.m. Head baseball coach and high school teacher, David Boie, said each user will be given these guidelines so there isn't an issue.

Construction on the field has already begun. The finished product will be ready for the Spring 2013 season.


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