Wrong or Rights

The right to bear arms.

Let’s start this off with a startling revelation. I do not, nor have I ever owned a gun. That being said, there sure is a whole lot of hoopla going on about “Gun control”. Though this is simplified, from what I understand is that one side says “Make them illegal, because there is too much killing.” The other is saying, “You’re taking away my Constitutional rights to bear arms. You’re trying to take my guns.”

First off, nobody is going to take your guns. That is just paranoia with a touch of stupid. Not even our government is going to try and take away a gun. Why? Well, because you have a gun to make sure they can’t. Plus, those that already have them can’t be made criminals, therefore they will be “Grandfathered” in. But this is not the point.

One argument I seem to be hearing a lot is, “No citizen needs an assault rifle! That’s not for hunting!” True. Well, unless you live in the south where you need one for feral hogs, Or maybe in Alaska for Grizzly Bear. Guess that’s not hunting though. Also, the argument of “An assault rifle is designed for military use, and should only be used for the military.” (My personal favorite by the way.)

Okay then. Let’s go with these two for now. First off, nowhere in the Second Amendment does it state we have the right to bear arms for hunting purposes only. Does anyone really need an assault rifle? No. But then again there are a lot of things we have that is not a need. I don’t need a car. Got one. Want a better one. Cars have killed. Do have the right to own a car? Technically I do. (May not have the right to drive it, but I can own one.)

Plus, there are a lot of things that people have that were designed by the military. Jet engines, the Humvee, most helicopters, night vision, and a lot more, everyday people own these things.

“Well, we can’t own a tank!” is an argument I have heard several times in the media. Uhm, yes you can. As a matter of fact, tank restoration is a huge business. Not to mention a place in Waseca, MN. that has several of them that you can pay to play on.

Are there far too many killings in the U.S.? Absolutely. One is one to many. Is it the fault of the assault rifle? No, it is the fault of the mentally unstable person behind it. Interesting fact (Feel free to look this up.) there are more killings with knives, feet, or hands than with an assault rifle. Does this mean I am all for guns? Of course not, but we need to ask ourselves and educate ourselves before we make decisions for millions.

We the people have made this bed, now we just may have to lie in it. Oh, and before I forget, on the military point… Ask people at Kent State what good it is to just have the military with weapons. (Also, feel free to look it up.) Sorry, I digress.

Now you might ask, where do I stand on this issue? It is very simple. A lot of people are focusing on the tool. Maybe, just maybe, we should focus on the people wielding these tools. I think the help should be available before these people crack. That’s just me.

“Well, we should at least keep the guns out of the hands of the crazy ones!” Sure, As soon as you can tell me beyond a shadow of a doubt who is crazy or not. I have an ex-girlfriend I know is crazy, but I can’t prove it.  People think I am crazy.

Also, are you sure we want to open up the can of worms of releasing the records of those who are in therapy? Seems to be there are many laws against that too.

I guess, the short of it is this. I do not own a gun. I certainly have no use for an assault rifle. Where I run into the issue is, if that right is taken from me… what other rights can they take? This, to me, seems to be more of an issue of responsibility and accountability. Then again, what do I know? I am just a citizen, not a media reporter or a politician. I mean, that’s why the Constitution was drafted right? For the few, and those who are most important. Not us regular people.

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