The New Law of the Land for Same-Sex Married Couples: Best of the Blogs

Here are the top blogs in our Twin Cities Patches.

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Portuguese Caldo Verde Soup
This time of year in Minnesota, there’s nothing quite as nice as a warm bowl of a hearty soup.


Edina Lacrosse Coach On DIY Bath Crashers
Edina Varsity lacrosse coach Travis Wells his wife  and son were featured in this week's episode of DIY's Bath Crashers.


Hudson student needs HELP with votes to win a photo contest!
Hudson student has her photo entered in the Fantastic Sams's "Time to Shine" contest on Facebook. 


The new law of the land for same-sex married couples
The Supreme Court’s ruling to strike down section three of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) in June 2013 changed the financial landscape for same-sex couples in America.

Maple Grove

Social Media is Not Going Away- Get In The Game or Get Left Behind
Unless you live in a convent in outer Mongolia, social media has taken over how we communicate.


Blondies Are Nothing to Joke About
Even I agree, blondie brownies are a delicious change of pace from chocolate.


Teach Your Children Well
Do you remember when you were little and you believed just about everything you were told?


Chocolate Chip Cookie For One
When you feel the need to pull in the reins on your snacking, this recipe will cut out the extra cookies that are sitting there tempting you.


10 Reasons to Go to Caucus
Minnesota's do-it-yourself government: Show up for your caucus!


Pony Community Activity Centers Continue Into Spring with Special Guests Planned
Stillwater Area Public Schools has turned local schools into Pony Community Activity Centers for use by community members of all ages. 

St. Louis Park

Use Flowers to Create a Theme in your Yard
This is one of my favorite times of the year when I get to order my seeds for the upcoming growing season.

St. Michael

Something Old...Something New...
The historic Catholic Church and the new Catholic Church at dusk 1.23.14

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