More Than 1,000 Without Power; Restoration Times Unknown

Last night's storms caused widespread outages throughout the state.

Severe thunderstorms overnight left more than 1,000 without power in Richfield this morning.

The area with the most outages is the southeast corner of town, according to an Xcel Energy power outage map.

In a disclaimer, Xcel Energy said the outages were widespread throughout the state and it was unable to provide exact restoration times for each individual outage. However, revised estimates will be updated frequently. Currently, the outage map shows estimated restoration times by 11 p.m. Wednesday.

Click here for the outage map and enter the street and zip code for the area you want to see. The map is updated every 10 minutes.


Did you lose power last night? Did a tree collapse in your front yard? Add your photos to the photo box above and tell us what happened in the comments section below.


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