Earth Friendly Tip 9: Compost Fruit and Vegetable Leftovers

In honor of April 22 being Earth Day, Karen Shragg shares another eco-friendly tip with readers.

Editor's Note: April 22 is Earth Day, as it has been for over 40 years. But why limit it to just one day? Join us here on Nature Notes for the next 10 days for a new environmentally-friendly tip from Karen Shragg, naturalist and director of Wood Lake Nature Center.

Even if you are not destined to be a stellar composter, by that I mean turning your compost pile with a weekly frequency, you can still save tons of landfill space just by keeping certain items out of your garbage.

Put fruit peelings and vegetable leftovers outside and cover them with leaves and soil, so that animals don’t frequent the area. With access to air and rain it will eventually turn into wonderful compost for your gardens and trees.

The Internet is full of tips on how to get this very environmentally friendly process started, here is one site I would recommend: web.extension.illinois.edu/homecompost/building.html


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