Earth Friendly Tip 10: Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is

Friday is Earth Day and the 10th day of Karen Shragg's eco-friendly tips.

Editor's Note: April 22 is Earth Day, as it has been for over 40 years. But why limit it to just one day? Join us here on Nature Notes for the next 10 days for a new environmentally-friendly tip from Karen Shragg, naturalist and director of Wood Lake Nature Center.

Pick an organization that supports your favorite environmental cause and make a donation this Earth Day. Do your homework, check out how they spend their funds and how much of your donation goes towards the actual cause.

During the year you can give them a donation for birthdays and holidays. This can usually be done in the name of a person, which is often appreciated. If you can’t donate money, perhaps you can donate your time. Volunteers are highly depended on in most nonprofits.

Happy Earth Day!


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