Chamber Announces Larry Farrington Award Recipient

The annual award will be presented at the Richfield Chamber of Commerce's holiday gala Dec. 3.

Larry Farrington Award 2012
Larry Farrington Award 2012
Hub Jewelers owner Jennifer Bornholdt has been named the 2012 Larry Farrington Award recipient by the Richfield Chamber of Commerce.

Last year, the coveted Farrington Award, named after community activist Larry Farrington, was presented to both Jim Melssen and Dr. Nick Mellum. Melssen is a CPA at LaFayette, Melssen & Plath, Ltd., while Mellum is a chiropractor at Complete Chiropratic and Wellness. Melssen and Mellum were both part of this year's selection committee. 

Here's more on the award from the chamber:

The Larry Farrington Award was initiated by the Richfield Chamber of Commerce to memorialize Larry Farrington. The Award is intended to keep alive the memory of a very unusual individual, one who contributed in extraordinary ways to the Chamber, to the community and to his family.

But the Award is also intended to keep alive the type of idealism in personal and community relationships which Larry Farrington demonstrated right up to the day of his untimely death in 1968. This idealism means working consistently not just for what is most profitable or most expedient, but for what is best in the long term for individuals and the community – for compassion in human relationships, for understanding, for education, for integrity and truth.

The concept of the Larry Farrington Award is to perpetuate among Richfield Chamber of Commerce members a determination that our world is not just a profit-and-loss statement in which each person’s life is dedicated to surpassing others, but a world in which all of us are dependent upon each other to produce the best that is within us.

Bornholdt will be honored at the chamber's annual holiday party Tuesday, Dec. 3. This year's party is being held from 4:30-6 p.m. at Pizza Luce, 800 W. 66th St. in Richfield.


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