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Richfield Public Works Department
1901 E 66th St, Richfield, MN 55423

The Richfield Public Works Department works to maintain the City's infrastructure and buildings. Within theMore department there are multiple divisions that handle different tasks and focus on the design, planning, mantainence and implementation of city projects. The divisions are: Streets/Forestry, Parks/Fleet, Utilities and Engineering. While these divisions perform many services for the City, the following is an overview of the divisions individual responsibilities:

- The Streets/Forestry Division ensures the roads are plowed in the winter, streets are well paved and trees are healthy.

-The Utility Division handles the disposal of waste water and ensures clean water is available to residents through water testing.

- The Parks/Fleet Division maintain park amenities such as mowing grass and chalking field lines. This department also maintains and repairs all city vehicles.

-The Engineering Division provides support for Department projects and operations.

The Public Works building is located on the east side of Highway 77 and has been constructed to be energy and space efficient. The building is geo-thermally heated and cooled, and the basement was designed to store materials and equipment. The amount of space needed to store these things is large and, since Richfield isn't getting any bigger, this was a smart alternative.

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