UPDATED: The Family Partnership Announces Neighborhood Champion Nominees

Community members submit their picks for those who make a difference in the city.

Minneapolis-based The Family Partnership—a nonprofit that provides services for more than 100 Twin Cities schools, churches, food shelves, neighborhood centers and prisons—announced its :

  • Emilia Avalos;
  • Broadway Pizza Richfield;
  • Leah Barnes;
  • Caitlin Burgess;
  • Veronic Canedo;
  • Katia Carrillo;
  • Lynnette Chambers;
  • Stephanie Chavez;
  • Adria Cochran;
  • Oscar Cruz Martinez;
  • Emily Day;
  • Daniel Del Toro;
  • Camillo DeSantis;
  • Scott De Wees;
  • Tom Draper;
  • Amy Dusek;
  • Carolyn Engeldinger;
  • Ruth Evangelista;
  • Jaque Farrell
  • Tom Fitzhenry;
  • Cristina Flood;
  • Melynda Hun;
  • Dick Keilty;
  • Margaret Mousley;
  • Kevin Lehman;
  • Kishwan Lewis;
  • Frances Lubecke;
  • Tom Lund;
  • Darling Lund;
  • Sister Biana Madden;
  • Jill Mecklenburg;
  • Mali-Maria G. Menendez;
  • Rita Molestina;
  • Margaret Murphy;
  • Dario Pardo-Salgado;
  • Patrick Pueringer;
  • Rob Riley;
  • Paultina Rollay;
  • Lisa Rondeau;
  • Susan Rosenberg;
  • Peter Royse;
  • Rosa Rubio;
  • Tom Rublein;
  • Carol Smith;
  • Jobzuar Soto;
  • Kevin Tannahill;
  • Phuac Tran;
  • Jennifer Turrentine;
  • Bud Vitoff;
  • Linda Zachar;
  • Nancy Zavala.

All were nominated by fellow community members for their contributions to the city. Nominees will all be recognized during a banquet Thursday evening at .


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