'Babe The Blue Ox' Milk Carton Boat Wins Creativity Award

Sheridan Hills Elementary School students competed in the Minneapolis Aquatennial Milk Carton Boat Races Sunday.

students set sail on Lake Calhoun Sunday in the annual Minneapolis Aquatennial Milk Carton Boat Races.

The : S.S. Yum Yum II in the Lieutenant's Race (a speed race) and Babe The Blue Ox in the Skipper's Race (a race for creative, bovine themed boats).

Babe's team of sailors took home the creativity award, as students armed paddles with ax heads and dressed like Paul Bunyan. Unfortunately, S.S. Yum Yum II ran into a little trouble. The boat's predecessor, and the team was looking to keep the title.

"Yum Yum got blocked by an out of control boat going off course, so we didn't do well in the other race," Sheila Johnston, a gifted education teacher who helped students build the boats, said. "But kids had fun!"

While both races weren't wins, the well-crafted boats survived with no loss.

"We didn't lose one milk carton and both boats held together for the whole race!" Johnston said.


If you made it out to the races Sunday, add your photos of the events to the photo box above by clicking on "Upload Photos and Video."

Kirsten July 17, 2012 at 01:09 PM
Good for them! :)
Caitlin Burgess July 17, 2012 at 02:43 PM
I know! I think the idea for Babe was great! Especially dressing in costume and adding ax blades to the oars!
Barb July 17, 2012 at 11:46 PM
I was ther to cheer them on, and I have to give them kudos for their outfits.. They made "plaid" Paul Bunyan shirts by adding blue vertical and horizontal stripes of painters tape to their red Sheridan Hills t-shirts! Very creative! The kids have learned a TON about science, math, fitness, and teamwork.. What a great project!


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