LeeAnn Wise Says Resignation Was 'Right' For Basketball Program

Wise talks with Richfield Patch about her decision.

After six seasons as head coach of the girls basketball team, . The school's junior varsity girls basketball coach, Scott Stadem, will move up to Wise's position.

"I had a great run with the kids," Wise told Richfield Patch Thursday. "[Richfield] is just a fantastic place and I've the opportunity to meet and work with great players. ... It's just the right thing to do for the program."

Wise said her decision was rooted in her original plans to stay on as head coach for just another couple years.

"When I took over six years ago," Wise began. "I had a goal of getting the team back to a winning team, [both in the classroom and on the court]."

Wise coached her team to four conference championships in six years, with the 2011-12 season being an historic one as. It was the first time in the school's history to make it to state, let alone the final game.

However, with nine seniors graduating at the end of this school year, Wise said she didn't want a new coach and a new team to come together in the same year for fear of setting the team backwards.

"Scott will be a great fit. He's been with me since I took over the team six years ago," Wise said. "I'll also be in the background and be able to mentor him as he transitions into the role. I won't be on the bench, but I'll be around."

"I'm sure some people will be happy about [my resignation], too, but it was just the right thing to do for the program," Wise said with a chuckle. "And I feel really good about where the team is now."

Stadem is a former Richfield teacher and is now a social studies teacher at in Edina.

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