Richfield Senior 'Awards' Announced

The Class of 2012 had its annual senior banquet where the traditional Best Hair, Most School Spirit and other awards were given out.

As part of a long-standing tradition, Class of 2012 students were honored Thursday night with a variety of different awards, including Best Hair, Nicest Smile and Most Wanted:

Couple That Should've Been

  • Breanna Hall and Tarick Manikaran

Most Likely to Save the World

  • Tenzin Sonam and Maki Love

Most Likely to Still Be Attractive at 40

  • and

Best Hugger

  • Jared Leonard and Sarah Nygaard

Most Fashionable

  • Leon Williams and Katie MacEachern

Most Likley to Grow Old Together

  • Stephanie T and Lester 'Lorenzo' Evans

Best Hair

  • Phil Peterson and Maddy Hanson

Prettiest Eyes

  • Conner Tayeri, Svetlana Bernstein and Lisa Nielsen

Nicest Smile

  • Gyasi Lymon, and Mitzi Aguilar

Most Wanted

  • Tim Harris and Jade Turgeon

Biggest Flirt

  • Nick MacDonald and Ally Lutz

Most Likely to Become a Pro Athlete

  • Manuel Viera and

Class Clown

  • Luke Spriggs and Kellin Swanson

Most Likely to Win a Reality Show

  • Jacob Hartle and Shelby Blunt

Gossip King/Queen

  • Robert Holloway and

Most School Spirit

  • Mike Dyer and Marie Rupiper

Most Artistic

  • Kris Hernandez and Hannah Adams

Best Actor/Actress

  • Alex Gunderson and Lindsey Melchior

Most Likley to Become a Farmer

  • Justin Paetzel and Sarah Fitzpatrick


  • Alex Brault and

Most Talkative

  • Jake Bauer and Misa Ortiz


  • Jordan Zoellemer and Lucy Nordstrom


  • Jordan Smith and Sophie Pulice

Biggest Bromance

  • Mick Dhein and Andrew Perlich

BFFL (Best Friends For Life)

  • and


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