Nineteen Blessed Trinity Students Qualify for Regional Science Fair

The science fair will be held at the University of Minnesota later in the month.

Nineteen Blessed Trinity Catholic School seventh-graders qualified for the upcoming Regional Science Fair at the University of Minnesota Feb. 24-25, after receiving grand and first prize awards at the school's learning fair this week.

The following students qualified for the fair:

  • William Gomes;
  • Alex Hoover;
  • Demo Murdakes;
  • Andrew Warner;
  • Jack Hoover;
  • Brian Turner;
  • Joanna Lozano;
  • Brooke Bowlin;
  • Katy Fitzgerald;
  • Alyse Walker;
  • Grace Gallucci;
  • Olivia De Grace;
  • Jenna Miller;
  • Carley Dowell;
  • Abby Cavanaugh;
  • Claire Hollingsworth;
  • Jordan Skof;
  • David Cullen;
  • Veronica Lundquist.

The students' projects each began with a question, ranging from if exercise can improve test scores to whether or not gender plays a role in remembering dreams. Academy of Holy Angels students judged students' work.


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