Joshua Fuchs Releases Statement on Resignation

Fuchs said his resignation was to ensure his employment and professional direction were "aligned."

After , Principal Joshua Fuchs sent this release to parents and students Wednesday afternoon:

To Parents and Students of Richfield High School:

On Tuesday morning I informed Dr. Slotterback of my intentions to resign my position at Richfield High School. After informing Dr. Slotterback I took the necessary steps to inform the school staff.  My goal was that you would hear it from me first and I am sorry that you did not hear from me with such an important matter.

My decision to resign from this position has been incredibly difficult. I have been so welcomed by the Richfield community and enjoy working with the students and parents.  . Through the course of this school year there have been many challenges and I have learned a great deal from this experience. In the end my work is very personal to me and I operate from a set of core beliefs.

There is a great deal of speculation about why I am leaving this position. My resignation is solely to ensure that my desired professional direction and employment are aligned.

I appreciate all those of you who continue to contact me offering support. Richfield is a very special city and I wish it the best in its push for excellence. My resignation is effective June 30th.  I will be here until then in service of the students, parents, and staff.


Joshua Fuchs

Richfield Patch will update readers as more information becomes available.

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Jane Mellema May 17, 2012 at 03:17 PM
I think maybe you should have a sit-down with the superintendent. Don't these jobs require some sort of contract? It seems as though a lot of time and energy was put into hiring of Mr. Fuchs? Dr. Slotterback put something on the website, but again answered no questions. He said maybe RHS is not going in the direction Mr. Fuchs likes, what does that mean exactly? There is a lot of confusion here did Mr Fuchs leave becuase he wanted to or was he forced to? We deserve to know these answers...... And as far as the "affair" with a teacher. If we as parents and a large amount of the students know about it I am quite sure administration knows about it. yes it may not be a "deal breaker" but what does it show these students. Bottom line is we deserve answers and are not getting them, but hoping you will..... There are our kids future. This man told them he was in for the long haul 9 months later he is done with know reasonable explanation. Something smells a little fishy here would you not agree?
Doug Stedman May 17, 2012 at 08:09 PM
After reading the words of both Mr. Fuchs and Dr. Slotterback my greatest concern is for the education system in Wisconsin -- didn't they both go to school there? Their writing doesn't meet minimum Minnesota standards even for Jr. High students. Here in Richfield we probably can't do much to help the Wisconsin schools, but maybe we can ask how were these two selected? And then we can talk about what the district should do in the future to attract...well,..better educated administrators?
Caitlin Burgess May 17, 2012 at 09:21 PM
Here's a link to Superintendent Bob Slotterback's statement on the resignation: http://patch.com/A-twrx
shelvie mabrey May 20, 2012 at 10:02 PM
i'm proud to say i know Joshua Juchs better than all of you and whatever you suspect was happening...you're wrong. if there are speculations and questions to be asked he is the person you should go to with those speculations and i guarantee you he will be happy to answer you honestly. rumors go around about everyone. luckily, they're RUMORS and not facts. Richfield High is losing an EXTREMELY GREAT and EXTREMELY QUALIFIED asset. i hope he gets the chance to return to Oakland, California where the Oakland Public School District, as well as the staff, the students, and the parents of Oakland Technical High School love, cherish, and appreciate what Fuchs has to offer.
Caitlin Burgess May 22, 2012 at 08:30 PM
Update: Principal Fuchs has not yet agreed to talk with me. I'm still working on it. Also, many of you were concerned about the district's standing. The Minnesota Department of Education released rankings today as part of the new measurement system now that the state is exempt from No Child Left Behind. Three of our schools ranked as either a "Priority School" or "Focus School." The rankings are news, but the reasoning behind it, may not come as a shock. Here are the links: Sheridan Hills Becomes 'Priority School' Under New Accountability System - http://patch.com/A-t2gx Sheridan Hills Named Priority School: Principal's Letter to Parents - http://patch.com/A-t2gk What Do These New Accountability Scores Mean? - http://patch.com/A-t2gG


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