District Close to New High School Principal Decision

The decision is expected after the holiday.

Three candidates are still in the running to be the next principal, with a decision on the final pick expected around July 9.

Richfield Public Schools to Richfield Patch the decision could happen sometime this week, but would most likely not be finalized until after the holiday.

The district began with seven candidates, Slotterback said following . The final three were chosen after the board and a selection committee met and reviewed each candidate. Slotterback also said each of the final three were participating in a leadership program through a local agency gathering feedback on each candidate, which will aid in the final decision.

The district was charged in mid-May with looking for a replacement after now-former principal, after just one year in the position. Fuchs' resignation came as a surprise for many, as at the beginning of the school year he . Fuchs never responded to requests for another interview following his resignation.

Richfield Patch will update readers as more information becomes available.


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