Community Recognizes Richfield Paraprofessionals

Richfield community members thank paraprofessionals for their work in local schools.

Gov. Mark Dayton declared Jan. 16-20 as Paraprofessional Recognition Week. To recognize some of the professionals working within the Richfield school community, this week Richfield Patch featured a series of articles on a handful of these people—who were all suggested by school administrators, teachers, staff members and parents:

  • , a special education paraprofessional, wants to give a voice for those who can't express themselves;
  • , a (R-STEM) instructional paraprofessional, eventually wants to teach high school social studies;
  • , a paraprofessional, works with special needs children and is a former preschool teacher;
  • , a paraprofessional, who hasn't missed a day of work in 20 years.

Click on the name of the para to read their story.

To end the series, we've also collected special shout outs from people in the community:

"I would love to give special recognition to Josh Raynor at R-STEM. He works with my son, Elija, and it is a great match. They get along so well and Elija is having a great year.  I am always hearing what 'Josh said.'" — Carrie Babinski

"Our whole paraprofessional team [at Blessed Trinity Catholic School's Penn Avennue campus] really rocks! They are: Enid Young, Kathy Bartish, Kay Wozniczka, Mary Stein and Maggie Sandholm." — Melissa Cavanaugh

"Being in such a diverse community as Richfield, I see how so many families and kids look up to and respect our para's that are of a diverse background. I'm specifically thinking of a Maria Zarate at our STEM school, who not only speaks Spanish to help those students who only speak Spanish or feel more comfortable speaking Spanish, but is a 'jack of all trades,' as she get thrown into many different situations/positions and handles them all with class. Students who maybe do not speak Spanish, but some other language, feel closer to her, as well, as they know she understands the difficulties of learning a 2nd, 3rd or 4th language. Obviously, I personally, am very thankful to have her in our school." — Patricia Davis

"My mom, Marilyn Klos, has worked at as a para for 20-plus years, helping quadriplegic kids, troubled/homeless kids, breaking up a lot of fights every year, working with kids that don't speak English, she's seen it all." — Kevin Klos

Is there a paraprofessional you would like to give special recognition to? Tell us in the comments section below.


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