Back to School: Centennial Elementary School Supply Lists

What your Centennial Elementary School student needs to being the 2011-12 school year.

The school supply shopping season has begun. , along with all other Richfield Public Schools, has posted its supply requirements for school students for the 2011-12 school year. Richfield Patch has outlined them here for easy viewing and also attached the school's PDF list for easy printing.

The following is a list of items that all Centennial Elementary students will need to have at the start of the school year:

Kindergarten Grade 1 Grade 2 Quantity Item Quantity Item Quantity Item 2 Boxes of facial tissue 1 1'' clearview, white, 3-ring binder 2 Composition notebooks 1 Pair of Fiskars scissors (rounded, blunt tip) 2 Pocket folders with clip section (one green, one blue) 1 Package of white computer paper 4 Large Elmer's glue sticks 2 Boxes of Crayola washable markers 4 Two-pocket folders 3 Box of Crayola Crayons (24-count) 2 Boxes of Crayola crayons (24-count) 1 Large Elmer's glue stick 2 Box of Classic Crayola washable markers (8-count) 3 Large glue sticks 48 No. 2 pencils 4 Large, black dry erase markers (low odor) 6 Wide-tip, black dry erase markers 1 Box of Crayola crayons (24-count) 1 Box of gallon-size Ziploc freezer bags 24 Dixon Ticonderoga wood pencils 1 Pair of Fiskar scissors 1 Large backpack (no wheels) 2 Wide-ruled spiral notebooks (one red, one blue) 2 Black, wide-tip dry erase markers 1 Package of Crayola colored pencils (12-count) 2 Large pink erasers 2 Large pink erasers 20 No. 2 wood pencils 2 Boxes of facial tissue 1 Package of gallon-size Ziploc feezer bags 1 Package of sandwich-size Ziploc bags 1 Package of sandwich-size Ziploc bags 1 Package of baby wipes 1 Container of disinfectant wipes 1 Pair of scissors 1  school box 1 Backpack 1 Backpack Do not label any items. Grade 3 Grades 4 and 5 Quantity Item Quantity Item 24 No. 2 pencils 12 No. 2 pencils 2 Packages of wide-ruled, loose-leaf paper 1 Pencil sharpener 2 Composition notebooks 1 Eraser 5 Wide-ruled spiral notebooks (plain colors) 1 Pencil case or box 1 Package of colored pencils 1 Box of Crayola crayons (24-count) 1 Pair of scissors 1 Box of Crayola, thick-tip washable markers (or colored pencils) 1 Bottle of Elmer's glue 3 Dry erase markers 2 Large Elmer's glue sticks 1 Glue stick 1 Small pencil box 1 Old, clean sock for erasing 2 Boxes of facial tissue 1 Scissors (pointed) 1 Ruler (with inches and centimeters) 6 Solid-colored pocket folders 3 Packages of wide-ruled, loose-leaf paper 3 Large boxes of facial tissue 2 Composition notebooks 1 Pocket dictionary 2 Containers of disinfectant wipes 1 Flash drive (minimum 2 gig) Do not label any items. Optional: Multiplication flash cards.


Centennial Elementary School is also accepting donations for the following items:

  • Highlighters;
  • Disinfecting wipes;
  • Ziploc bags (quart and gallon);
  • Black or colored dry erase markers;
  • Clean socks for erasing;
  • Sticky note pads;
  • 24-count boxes of Crayola crayons.


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