What Do You Get For Your Taxes?

New data shows how much state aid goes to local governments.

Richfield residents get much less government aid per person than rural Minnesotans
Richfield residents get much less government aid per person than rural Minnesotans
According to new data assembled by MinnPost, Richfield residents receive relatively few state aid dollars per person, as compared to residents in other Minnesota communities.

This coming year, Richfield will pull in a little over $1.9 million in state Local Government Aid, or about $55 per person. That represents a $719,561 increase over last year, but is much less than the $3.7 million it got in 2001.

The money helps support everything from police salaries to summer programs for residents. The Local Government Aid (LGA) program is intended to help even out disparities between Minnesota communities—particular outstate towns—with low property values and metro-area cities with higher values, and therefore higher property tax receipts. 

According to a map of data included in the MinnPost report, Eveleth, MN receives the most LGA per person ($679.33), while Minneapolis receives the most in absolute terms ($76,066,082). 

Read the rest—and explore the database—at MinnPost.com

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Mike B. August 17, 2013 at 11:28 AM
The most accurate answer to the headline is a strong "NOT MUCH"!


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