Thissen: Republican Reform Rhetoric Rings Hollow

Minneapolis House Minority Leader Paul Thissen says Republican cuts to local aid will increase property taxes.

House Minority Leader Paul Thissen (DFL-Minneapolis) said Republicans are offering the "same pass-the-buck Pawlenty policies that have squeezed the middle class with higher taxes, tuitions and fees."

DFLers are unhappy with Republican budget targets, which include cuts to Local Government Aid, which DFlers say will cause property tax increases of $1.4 billion in the next for years.

"We've got to stop letting the Republicans say they are not raising taxes, because we know that their budget is filled with hidden taxes that take money away from middle class and working family's pockets," Thissen said during Friday's media availability. "We've got to hold the Republicans accountable to some level of honesty as we discuss these budgets."

Republican leaders maintain their plan for cuts are neccesary reforms as the state faces a $5 billion deficit. Republicans oppose the income tax increase on the very wealthy proposed by Gov. Mark Dayton.


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