VIDEO: Thissen Accuses GOP of Having No Interest in Growing Middle Class

Rep. Paul Thissen believes the GOPs lack of care will allow the DFL to take control of Minnesota House and Senate after the next election.

Two weeks after , (D-Richfield/Minneapolis) told DFL members that he was confident the party would be able to gain a majority in the Minnesota House and Senate following the next election.

While , he also took time to outline what he thought were major differences in Democrats' and Republicans' priorities—differences that could ultimately help Democrats take the majority.

"[Republicans] have no interest in helping make sure that a middle class economy grows," he said Tuesday. "Their only economic policy is to say get out of the way of corporations and everything will be OK."

"You wouldn't know it from rhetoric out there," he added. "Democrats are the ones that have actually introduced seven very specific jobs bills that will get people back to work, close the skills gap that'll do the right kind of policy that will make sure that Minnesota is a competitive place not just for the large corporations but for the people that are working for them. And I think that that's the key difference."

Click "play" on the video above to see Thissen's entire Tuesday speech.

Kevin O'Donovan March 08, 2012 at 02:14 PM
If you want to open a small business, the regulations (Roadblocks) that Democrats put in place through taxation, excessive environmental regulations, license requirements, educational requirements,insurance mandates, etc are great obstacles to many folks success and growth. An established wealthy person can afford to jump over these hurdles, not an unemployed or ambitious person with limited means. The GOP believes in Freedom, the Democrats believe in control. The GOP is the Party that lets people rise. It encourages them to take advantage of their talents and nature. The DFL is the Party of the unnatural. It limits opportunities, and through their policies discourages personal initiative. It requires community involvement in matters that are private.The DFL is an organization which believes that government should rein you in. The GOP is the Party of Freedom and believes that you, under the Constitution, already possess the right to rise. The GOP believes in the dignity of the individual and the traditional family. The DFL believes that dignity comes within the collective. Karl Marx would agree with the DFL and Thissen. The DFL believes in theories, not facts. The GOP believes in family. The DFL believes in villages. The GOP believes in the individual. The DFL believes in Government. The GOP believes in the sanctity of life. The DFL believes that death is a remedy. The GOP believes in Freedom of Religion. The DFL believes in Freedom of Abortion. The GOP believes in people.


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