Thissen: A DFL Majority Would Solve Budget Problem—Once And For All

The current Richfield House representative says Republicans didn't make good on their promises when elected two years ago.

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Now that the 2012 Minnesota State Legislature session has come to an end—and with all legislative seats up for re-election this fall—Richfield Rep. Paul Thissen said if Minnesotans decide to elect a DFL legislature, postive changes will follow.

In a Star Tribune commentary column, Thissen said Republican legislators promised to end "business as usual" when they ran for election two years ago. However, he believes they failed to deliver on that promise.

"The last two years have been marked by [Republicans] striking unwillingness to compromise, which led to gridlock and ," Thissen wrote. "Republican House Majority Leader Matt Dean even bragged that the Republicans 'won the shutdown'—ignoring the fact that 19,000 Minnesotans were laid off, state parks were closed and Minnesota's reputation as a 'state that works' was tarnished."

Thissen went on to criticize Republicans' failure to balance the budget, create and their choice to focus on and other policies, which he believed put a further squeeze on the middle class. He also said, "When asked why our state government has suffered such gridlock for the last two years, Republican Speaker Kurt Zellers said 'voters got what they asked for.' I beg to differ."

Of course, he also tooted DFL horns, writing in closing: "A DFL majority would solve, once and for all, our state's structural budget problem in the balanced way that most Minnesotans say they support, rather than pushing it off another year—or more. It's time for a new direction. It should be forward."

Read Thissen's full column in the Star Tribune.

Mike McLean May 23, 2012 at 10:27 PM
I'm very unhapp with the Republicans. Not for what Theisen would say. But I'm unhappy because we elected them to go to ST Paul to cut spending. All they have done so far is to minimally reduced some large spending increases. We need zero based budgeting. Each year all bedgets need to be justified.
Caitlin Burgess May 23, 2012 at 11:53 PM
Hi there Mike. I haven't seen your name pop up on here in a while! Where do you think the state can do the most spending cuts? Democrats would obviously argue that cutting services is not the only way to go and that "the rich" should pay more taxes.
Dennis Gillespie May 25, 2012 at 06:05 PM
I agree with Mike, compromise is what has gotten us into this fix in the first place. The Dem don't seem to take the lessons of California. They won't cut their spending and keep taxing the rich and as a result the rich and the businesses are leaving California. My understanding 500 people a week are leaving California for lower tax states such as Texas. With all the wasteful spending we see in the Federal Governemnt, I am certain there is plenty on the State Level, such as the WELFARE Programs that give out CASH CARDS that these people seem to make it out of state to spend that money. How can you TRUST GOVERNMENT with more Money. Ask most people would you turn over management of your business or property to the Government and you will probably get a resounding NO or H___ NO


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