Richfield GOP House Candidate Weighs In On Ryan Pick

Craig Marston says Mitt Romney's vice presidential pick, Paul Ryan, understands the financial situation on the country.

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After Republican presidential candidate over the weekend, Minnesota and the country has been buzzing.

Richfield resident and , , told Patch the pick gives voters a definite choice when they decide what direction the country should go. In an e-mail, Marston said:

"This election is going to be about the economy and getting people back to work. Ryan understands the financial situation this country faces and the steps that need to be taken to correct those financial problems that face Minnesota and the rest of the Country."

Marston also said that with unemployment at more than 8 percent nationwide, the economy can't be expected to grow.

"While Minnesota's unemployment rate is around 5.5% there are challenges that MN businesses will be facing from the Federal Government that will affect every MN business," he wrote. "Government also can't continue to spend more and more money without hurting the private sector economy."

Marston believes the government can only hinder economic growth and he believes Ryan understands how to get back on track.

"It's the private sector that creates the economic growth which is needed in Minnesota and the across the Country," he said. "I know Congressman Ryan understands what needs to be done to get this Country back to an economic powerhouse which helps every American."


Do you think economic growth is hindered by too much government? Do you think Congressman Ryan was a good choice for Republicans? How do you think the unemployment rate can be lowered? Tell us in the comments section below.


For information on what is on the Richfield Primary ballot for Tuesday, Aug. 14, see our .

Jack Swan August 14, 2012 at 04:34 PM
"It's the private sector that creates the economic growth which is needed in Minnesota and the across the Country," This is true. It is also true that it is government through the will (and taxes) of the people that provides the roads, water, sewer, police, firemen, social services, legal system, education system and transportation systems that creates the foundation upon which business relies to do business. The problem is that Romney and Ryan hate government. To hire them to run the government is like a business hiring a board of directors who hate the company. This makes no sense. Marston admires Romney and Ryan; think twice before voting for him.


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