Rep. Slocum: 'Shoot First' Bill Will Increase Gun Violence

State Rep. Linda Slocum responds to new omnibus gun bill.

Editor's Note: The following is a press release from the Minnesota House DFL Media office.

The Minnesota House of Representatives passed HF 1467, the Omnibus Gun Bill Friday. The bill makes significant changes to law enforcement ability to seize weapons, gun permit regulations, and establishes an expansion “castle doctrine.”

State Rep. Linda Slocum (DFL–Richfield) said this bill will dramatically hurt public safety.

“The entire bill is full of unnecessary and, quite frankly, foolish public policy,” Slocum said. “This ‘Shoot First’ Bill won’t make Minnesotans safer and won’t help law enforcement officials do their jobs.”

HF 1467 greatly expands the “castle doctrine” to allow citizens to use deadly force in self-defense. Minnesota currently has a law that allows citizens to use deadly force if the potential victim believed they were facing imminent death or serious bodily harm.

“This provision would allow any individual to shoot at people entering their property with no consequence,” Slocum said. “These people could be police, utility workers, even children playing hide and go seek. This won’t make people safer; it only serves to increase gun violence. Minnesota already has a clear self-defense law, and not one person has been charged with a crime while acting in self defense. This provision, like much of the rest of the bill, is dangerous and reckless.”

Additionally, the bill would allow any permit from any other state to be valid in Minnesota, regardless of the qualifications to have a permit, background check or training requirements, directly weakening Minnesota’s permit laws.

Every major law enforcement association—including the Minnesota Chiefs of Police Association and the Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association—had testified against the bill, and the Hennepin County Attorney, along with the Chiefs of Police in Minneapolis and St. Paul have spoken out against the bill.

“Our highly-respected law enforcement officials have been against this bill throughout the entire process,” Slocum said. “I’m standing with our police and working to help them do their jobs more effectively to keep Minnesotans safe.”

“There are a lot of gun owners in Minnesota,” Slocum added. “Most of them want and welcome the same reasonable safeguards for their families as do those Minnesotans who don’t own guns. This bill makes a mockery of our gun laws and Minnesota’s public safety.”

Jarhead1982 May 17, 2011 at 10:27 AM
What a pathetic little chicken little the sky is falling moron this person is. Then again we are talking about a politician, you know, the type that never met a lie they didn't like to flap their fear mongering unsubstantiated by facts crusty butt kissing lips about.
BHirsh May 17, 2011 at 10:30 AM
The knee-jerk modus of anti-gun-rights politicians, authoritarian agencies and NGOs is predictably tiresome, hackneyed, and still bereft of any supporting data. The change in this law to protect justifiable use of lethal force in self-defense will do nothing to change the cirecumstances under which such force is justifiable, but further shifts the burden of proof to authorities. The dour prognostications are familiar and historically unfounded - there is no data, anywhere, to support Ms. Slocum's ideological talking points.
Bill Brandon May 17, 2011 at 04:51 PM
Ms. Slocum, When you put aside your hoplophobia and take a good look at us Florida you'll see that we have no problem with our "Stand Your Ground" legislation. BTW, it is "Stand Your Ground" not "Shoot First" but then again the way your laws are written you should just call them "Run Like Hell". Trust me, when the law does pass in Minn you won't have a flood of killings like the victim enablers at The Brady Campaign want you to believe. In every state on this union where pro-gun legislation has been enacted the Henny-Penny's at Brady have ALWAYS been wrong in their predictions of doom and pestilence. Just go look at the statistics! No, not theirs, the REAL ones by the FBI.
Gary Johnston May 17, 2011 at 11:51 PM
"allows people to shoot kids playing hide-and-seek" How absurd and dishonest can a statement be? "shoot first" is a Brady talking point, written by Republican Paul Helmke and Republican Sarah Brady to make a more "civilized" world. A world where, which MN law now requires, a homeowner to flee out the back door. If the owner passes the back door to anther room, the victim can be prosecuted for defending their life when they could flee. Sorry, that is not civilization, that is Clockwork Orange. Sorry Congressperson, you have been taken in by the climate science denial of the left.


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