REPLAY: Photo ID Amendment Goes to November Ballot

The final legislative approval will require voters to vote for or against the amendment on Election Day.

This November, Minnesota voters will decide whether photo IDs are required when they go to the polls.

The Senate, by a 35-29 vote, passed a bill on Wednesday afternoon that will send the question to the ballot as a proposed constitutional amendment. The House passed the same bill early Wednesday. Because it is a proposed constitutional amendment, Gov. Mark Dayton will not get a chance to approve—or veto—the bill.

The issue has divided the Legislature on party lines, with Republican supporters saying it would add integrity to Minnesota's election system, while Democratic opponents say the measure is unnecessary and could disenfranchise some voters.

Richfield's legislators were critical of the Republican backed bill from the start, with (DFL) saying the GOP has been unable to get passed constitutional amendments. Thissen has been adamant about demanding more time be spent on jobs bills.

You can watch replay of today's Senate vote, courtesy of The UpTake, by clicking "play" on the video above.

Kevin O'Donovan April 05, 2012 at 01:08 PM
A local NBC TV station in Fla found almost one hundred non-citizens registered to vote in Collier and Lee counties. They were registered when they received or renewed driver's licenses. The error was discovered only when they avoided jury duty, when called to serve, by now claiming that they were not citizens. This is happening here in Minnesota at the DMV in Edina on York Ave. Check out the video at Right Scoop .Com. Think of how few errors like these can swing an election. We need Photo I.D. and proof of citizenship now.
Caitlin Burgess April 05, 2012 at 10:08 PM
I really can't decide exactly how I feel about the issue, however, I like that there was finally some compromise happening at the Capitol. Obviously this was not happening last session, with the resulting shutdown. Hopefully our legislators can continue to work together. I think its safe to say you can never please everyone, but an attempt to do so goes a long way.
MJ April 10, 2012 at 01:32 PM
I would like to see proof that there is voter fraud here in Minnesota. If not, then the voter ID amendment should be voted down, which I think we will do in November.


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