No. 3: Jun Bo Shutters Doors

Richfield Patch looks back at one of the top stories of 2011.

The owners of were , after the Richfield City Council made its decision to not renew the restaurant and night club's liquor license that night.

This restaurant had been a thorn in the city's side for many months and brought out some intense feelings from council members and city staff.

“Never have I seen as bad of an actor,” Mayor Debbie Goettel said that April night. “There is no way that I want Jun Bo through this summer. … I will deny it immediately."

"[The restaurant] is taking more of our resources…Just imagine if we had to spend an equal amount of time in [all other liquor licensed establishments]," Richfield Police Cheif Barry Fritz said in December 2010. "We have 35,000 other residents here and we have one establishment that's taking those sorts of resources, that's a concern to us."

“You seem like you’re the bad kid we keep spanking [for doing something wrong]," Council Member Tom Fitzhenry said in April 2011.

The restaurant's high level of police contacts from October 2009 to September 2010, as well as the state's investigation of its finances, prompted the council's decision. .

Shortly after losing its liquor privledges, Jun Bo shut down. —before the license was officially denied—and owners had planned to close anyway at the end of September.


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