Richfield Redraws Ward, Precinct Lines

After the Senate and House districts lines were redrawn, so were Richfield's.

to correspond with the most recent U.S. Census data, ward and precinct lines at the city level are as well.

The Richfield City Council recently approved the new voting map with some major changes at its final March meeting. Richfield City Clerk Nancy Gibbs said made her task a difficult one.

"We have to reflect what the legislative lines are for our wards," Gibbs said. "And there have to be distinct boundaries. ... It wasn't easy."

The boundaries of the city's three council wards didn't change substantially. The most significant change is in the area around which moves from Ward 2 to Ward 1.

However, Gibbs said there is likely to be some confusion come Election Day, as many residents will now have to go to another precinct. Hennepin County or the Minnesota Secretary of State will send out postcards to all potential voters prior to Election Day with the updated information. Gibbs was optimistic that the August primary would be helpful in many finding their new precinct.

Hennepin County still needs to give its stamp of approval to the new maps, which is expected to happen shortly. The new propsosed maps are attached as PDFs to this article, along with the old map.


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