(UPDATED) Fields' Tweet Pounces on Ellison Campaign Manager's Facebook Statement

Matt Roznowski responded to Chris Fields Wednesday evening.

Updated with Matt Roznowski response below. A Wednesday tweet by U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison's Republican challenger, Chris Fields, includes an image that appears to show answers to an April 2011 Facebook quiz on an Ellison staffer's personal Facebook account.

In the quiz image, the answer to the question "Do you think election fraud occurred?" is "Yes!"

"Comm Dir Matt Roznowski's admits election fraud occurred. We need Voter I.D.," Fields tweeted.

The proposed amendment to the Minnesota Constitution requiring voters to show government-issued photo ID at the polls has been a point of contention in the Fifth District race, most recently with Ellison holding a public meeting in Minneapolis in opposition to the amendment. Proponents say voter fraud is a reason to approve the amendment, while opponents say there's little to no fraud.

Both campaigns have made extensive use of social media, including Twitter and Facebook.

Update (8:45 p.m., Wednesday): Ellison campaign Communications Manager Matt Roznowski responded by email Wednesday with the statement below and a screenshot image (click on second thumbnail). 

Earlier today, Republican candidate Chris Fields tweeted a misleading and inaccurate depiction of a question I answered in an April 2011 Facebook poll.
Instead of trying to figure out the facts, he continues a pattern of lies and deceit that is purely designed to mislead voters. Simply put, Fields’ actions don’t square with Minnesota values - or the facts.
Fields is using deception to advocate for a costly, complicated, and poorly written amendment that has serious consequences for eligible voters.
The voter restriction amendment creates an unfunded mandate that will cost state and local governments $50 million or more. It will result in property tax hikes for working families and impose even more cuts to our schools, police officers, firefighters, and first responders.

With regard to Mr. Fields' deliberate misrepresentation about my private, personal Facebook page, here are the facts:

I expressed my personal opinion about a Republican-aligned County Clerk's serious breach of election procedure in a 2011 Wisconsin Supreme Court race. It had absolutely nothing to do with voter impersonation, which all credible sources around the country have confirmed is basically non-existent.
It is well documented that the disgraced Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus, a former employee of the Wisconsin Assembly Republican Caucus, violated the law by failing to post all returns on election night and at one point took home a government laptop containing official election results.

I responded on my private, personal Facebook page that in my view, Nickolaus engaged in fraud. Fields took my statement about Nickolaus' abuse of her authority and wrote that I agreed with him that voter impersonation existed. He lied.
When it comes down to it, Fields is grasping at straws. Why? Because as voters learn more about the disastrous consequences this amendment will have on our election system, support for the voter restriction amendment is in absolute free fall. Support has plummeted among Minnesotans from 80 percent to 52 percent in just a few months.

Voters deserve better than petty political games that Fields is becoming known for.

Greg Staffa September 27, 2012 at 05:16 PM
Seriously? this is what the big debate is about? As much as I would like to see Chris Fields win the fact is he wont. These petty gotcha attacks are not focused on the issues. Fields needs to put a face on the issues. I invite people to read my blog to see a different side to Keith Ellison http://www.gregstaffa.com/Greg_Staffa/Blog/Entries/2012/9/20_Keith_Ellison.html But bickering that Ellison has not called out someone else for saying something that Ellison had no control over and now bickering about this???


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