Ellison Has Strong Words for Syria's Assad

The congressman said the regime "has no future."

Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) on Tuesday chaired a congressional hearing on human rights violations in Syria, and he used the opportunity to condemn Syrian president Bashar al-Assad and call for a globally supported "humanitarian zone."

However, Ellison says he does not support any military attacks at this time, instead suggesting more of a peacekeeping role for troops. (See video above)

"If military personnel are needed to set up a humanitarian corridor, that is something I would support," the congressman said.

In February, Ellison sponsored a resolution calling for Assad to step down and urging the U.S. government to support groups in Syria that show commitments to human rights and religious freedom.

Fields Addresses College Republicans

On Friday, Chris Fields, a Republican challenger to Ellison's Fifth District seat, spoke at the Minnesota College Republicans' annual convention.

Fields received a few "thank you notes" via Twitter, including this from @TheEhren:

@FieldsFor5thCD thanks for coming to the #MNCRS Convention! I'll make sure to spread your word! #libertypic.twitter.com/bnxLpjCM

District Conventions Approaching

Both Republicans and Democrats in the Fifth District are having nominating conventions this month.

The GOP will go first, with their event scheduled for April 14 at the Minneapolis Convention Center. Full details are available on their website.

The DFL will follow a week later, with their event to be held at Minneapolis South High School. Details here.


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