Updated: Commission to Hold Free Legal Advice Clinic for New Americans

The Landlord/Tenant Legal Workshop and Advice Clinic will take place Jan. 31, 2012.

After receiving a grant from the New Americans Healthy Together Program, the Richfield Human Rights Commission along with Bloomington Public Health and the Volunteer Lawyers Network (VLN) will be hosting a free workshop for new Americans seeking legal advice regarding *housing and landlord/tenant issues.

*According to the program website, the aims to foster interactions between newcomers and the receiving community, strengthen the capacity of immigrant-led organizations and their attention to health, and address social adjustment and mental health.

As for the Richfield Human Rights Commission’s involvement, Chairwoman Molly Darsow said this event allowed the commission to continue its mission.

“The commission secures human rights and equal opportunity for all the citizens of Richfield," she said. in the areas of housing, employment, public accommodations, public services, and education and to align its goals with those set forth in the Minnesota Human Rights act,”

The workshop, which is the first of its kind in Richfield, will take place Jan. 31, 2012 in the Bartholomew Room at . *Those interested must meet income eligibility requirements. Flyers for the event are attached to this article in English and Spanish.

Editor's Note: Three changes have been made for clarity and are marked by the asterisk (*).

Kevin O'Donovan January 06, 2012 at 01:35 AM
Is "New Americans" the latest euphemism for illegal immigrants? We were just getting used to "Undocumented Workers". I suppose that they will argue that lawful immigrants will be in the group. I would also hazard a guess that free legal counsel will be given to these "New Americans" and that property owners will have to pay for their own, and will never be able to recover those costs in the case of an unjustified claim. Will the "New Americans" have verifiable Photo ID's to determine their citizenship and true identities, and not Mexican Consular Cards? Perhaps a traffic sting would be in order to see how many attendees drive to the meeting without valid DL's or liability insurance? Have a tow truck ready.
Caitlin Burgess January 06, 2012 at 02:10 AM
Hi Kevin. I just have to say that this workshop is not just for Mexican immigrants, but for anyone who is low income and new to the United States - which could include people from any part of the world. While I know Richfield has a large Latino population, we are growing in other areas as well. I understand your point about valid IDs and insurance, however there are many people who are guilty of this - not just immigrants. As always, thanks for reading and commenting. Hope all is well.


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