City Passes New Garbage Storage Ordinance

After a resident disputed a citation, the city moved forward with amending its requirements for garbage, yard waste, refuse and recyclables containers Tuesday night.

Residents now have some arguably clearer direction on how to store their trash containers after the Richfield City Council passed an ordinance redefining procedures Tuesday night.

The council , however, declined to pass an ordinance that would require screening cans. However, for not having containers placed "behind or alongside the house"—and won the argument in district court—the city was forced to define ordinance language.

The new ordinance states that storage must be behind or alongside the principal structure on the property. A diagram of the acceptable areas was presented along with the ordinance language, and is attached to this article in the photo box above.

Have a corner lot? No worries. The street that the front of the home faces, trumps the side street. And while containers still may be seen, as long as it fits within the outlined areas of the diagram, residents are safe. Homes on alley ways were not discussed, however, one could reasonably assume the same rules would apply.

However, City Manager Steve Devich wanted it to be clear that if a home has a porch or a portion of the principal structure that protrudes in front of the home, garbage storage still must be behind the main line of the home. In the diagram above, the front door area sticks out from the rest of the home. Containers could not be stored to the side.

In an attempt to give residents time to comply, the ordinance will not be in effect until June 1, 2013.

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Kristin Kaiser September 13, 2012 at 11:18 AM
Thank you, City Council, for attempting to keep Richfield neat & attractive! Passing an ordinance saying that cans cannot be seen from the front of the house would have been better, but this helps.
Daniel Mahood September 13, 2012 at 07:13 PM
When I hit your "print" button, everything BUT the article prints. Can you check that out? My printer is functioning fine for every other print job except the "Patch" articles.
Bill Johnson December 27, 2012 at 02:18 PM
Richfield needs to implement a single garbage collector system. Richfield has the most screwed up garbage collection system of any town I have lived in. Why should we subsidize these businesses and not others? The current system is wasteful and disruptive with garbage trucks running all day on collection day. Council needs to take action to implement single hauler. Who needs choice for a collector? They are all the same. I would rather have peace and quiet and reduced tax spending on road repair. It's a no brainer!


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