Richfield Value Village Truck Driver Charged with DUI

Michael Stephen Schmidt is being charged with DUI after witnesses say he was driving an Arc's Value Village truck erratically with boxes falling out of the back.

A Minneapolis man and truck driver, Michael Stephen Schmidt, 26, is being charged with DUI after witnesses said they saw him driving erratically near 70th Street and Xerxes Avenue in Richfield Sept. 21.

According to the criminal complaint, witnesses that reported the incident, said the truck driver was not only driving erratically with boxes of store items falling out of the back, but the truck also drove onto a lawn and hit a tree.

When Police spoke to representatives of Value Village, they said a truck should've returned an hour ago. After Police gave a description of the driver, it was confirmed the description matched that of the late-returning driver.

Police were still at Value Village when the missing truck pulled up, according to the complaint. When the driver, Schmidt, was asked if he had been in the 70th Street and Xerxes Avenue area he said no at first, but later said he had been. Police saw a trail of boxes of clothing and household items from 70th and Xerxes to 72nd Street and Washburn Avenue. In addition, damage to the truck was found to be consistent with the striking of a tree.

Schmidt's blood-alcohol level was measured at .25, extremely over the .08 legal limit. The high level is an aggravating factor, making Schmidt's charge a gross misdemeanor.


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