Richfield Crime Alert: 9 Residential Burglaries Reported This Month

Police are urging people to be watchful in their neighborhoods.

The Richfield Public Safety Department is reporting a surge in residential burglaries in town since Feb. 1.

The following was released by the department in crime alert Thursday:

Nine residential burglaries have been reported in Richfield since February 1, 2013. Most of the crimes occurred during the day while residents were away from home and involved forced entry into the back of the residence. Items stolen include electronics and jewelry. Seven of the burglaries occurred west of 35W. No suspect description is available.

Richfield Police are urging people to be watchful and aware of suspicious activity, vehicles and individuals in neighborhoods. If you notice an unfamiliar car parked on your street or in a neighbor's driveway, call 9-1-1. If you are leaving your home for any amount of time, make your home appear occupied by leaving a light on and a television or radio playing.

These cases are currently under investigation by the Richfield Police Department. If you have pertinent information regarding these burglaries, please contact Detective Joe Edwards at 612-861-9843 or jedwards@cityofrichfield.org.

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