Pre-Existing Beef Causes Altercation Outside Richfield High: Police Blotter

The Richfield Public Safety Department releases its most recent crime reports.

An altercation between three Richfield High School students, and one student not from RHS, occurred just after school hours Friday, Sept. 14.

Richfield officers responded to the scene on a report of a fight at approximately 2:49 p.m. Friday.

"This was a continuation of a previous conflict from last year involving specific students," Principal Jason Wenschlag told Richfield Patch in an e-mail. "Because it was right after school, and on 70th Street, it was a little more difficult to contain, so some of us adults were holding other kids back from getting involved and/or holding back those involved."

Wenschlag said the incident mostly consisted of lots of "talk," rather than physical acts, but the police were called to help because of the location of the incident and order was ultimately restored.

"The students involved have received an appropriate, temporary consequence as we work to permanently solve the situation," Wenschlag said.

In addition to the RHS incident, all the following information was taken from the Richfield Public Safety Department's Incident and Arrest reports from Sept. 18, 2012.

Sept. 13

  • Police responded to a disturbance on the 6400 block of Pleasant Avenue.
  • A female reported that a known person stole a Play Station 3 from an apartment on the 7700 block of Penn Avenue. The gaming system is valued at $500.
  • Police responded to a protection order violation on the 6200 block of Pleasant Avenue. Numerous voice mails had been received by the victim.
  • A political sign valued at $10 was reported stolen from a yard on the 7500 block of Dupont Avenue.
  • A woman reported that several parties had been harassing her.

Sept. 14

  • An officer made contact with a male on the 6500 block of Lyndale Avenue and issued a citation for giving a false name to an officer.
  • A 33-year-old Minneapolis man was arrested for second-degree DWI after a Richfield officer assisted a Hennepin County deputy on a traffic stop. The suspect was also cited for refusing to submit to a sobriety test.
  • A security agent working at a building on the 7500 block of Penn Avenue was threatened with a pen.
  • The Richfield Public Safety Department received a Hennepin County Child Protection Report regarding a possible child sexual assault.
  • Police responded to a bank on the 6500 block of Nicollet Avenue on a report of two parties attempting to cash forged checks.
  • Officers identified a male riding a bicycle without head lamps or reflectors. The male was subsequently arrested on an outstanding warrant and given a citation

Sept. 15

  • A vehicle parked on the 6300 block of Dupont Avenue was reported stolen.


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