Numerous Burglaries Hit St Louis Park

A selection of crimes and incidents reported to the St. Louis Park Police Department Nov. 22 to Nov. 30.

Editor's Note: The following are based on reports filed by officers with the St. Louis Park Police Department.

Nov. 30

Houses on the 2700 and 2900 blocks of Alabama Avenue were broken into overnight. One resident had an unknown amount of US currency stolen, while another's car was rifled through by someone who broke into her garage.

Police "encouraged a man panhandling at the intersection of Highway 100 and Excelsior Avenue to leave the area and cease panhandling" there after numerous citizen complaints of "disorderly conduct" and "public nuisance issues" stemming from begging and loitering going on at the intersection.

Nov. 29

A car parked overnight in a garage on the 5200 block of 28th Avenue South was broken into and ransacked. The car's owner told police he thought it odd that the burglar did not touch three fancy motorcycle helmets and an air compressor sitting next to the car in the garage.

A burglar snuck into an unlocked garage on the 2900 block of Raleigh Avenue South overnight. They rifled through an unlocked SUV parked inside, but nothing was taken. The victim told police she suspected her neighbor, whom she believed to be a convicted felon, could have been involved.

An unlocked garage on the 2900 block of Blackstone Avenue was broken into overnight. The burglar searched the SUV inside, but took nothing.

Nov. 27

A house on the 3300 block of Glenhurst Avenue was broken into overnight while its residents were away. The culprits took almost $2,700 worth of TVs, computers, watches, game consoles, and a television remote control. The burglar seems to have entered by breaking down a door inside the house's porch.

Nov. 26

A thief stole a Bluetooth earpiece and a Toshiba laptop from an unlocked car parked on the 5000 block of West 29th Street overnight.

While the residents of a house on the 4200 block of West 25th Street slept, a burglar took advantage of an unarmed security system to break in and relieve residents of a laptop, purse, cash, and credit cards. Police discovered an abandoned bike in the driveway that may have been ridden by the burglar, but were unable to process much of the crime scene as the homeowners had already cleaned up the burglars' mess.

A 92-year old man was found dead of natural causes in his home on the 3200 block of Georgia Avenue South around 4 a.m.


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