Marathon Bombing Sends Shockwaves Across Country

Across Patch's network of 900 sites, people felt the effect of the bombing at the Boston Marathon.

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Monday's terror attack near the finish line of the Boston Marathon shocked the country and touched communities far from Massachusetts.

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The Boston Marathon is a national and international event, drawing participants and spectators from far away. When the bombs went off, they reverberated among families, friends and people who joined vigils honoring the victims.

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To illustrate the reach of this story, we've created this interactive map which displays every Patch site that wrote a story about local people touched by the attack. Each marker on the map is clickable and includes the name of the local person connected to the story and a link to their story.


The 400-plus markers on the map are, naturally, clustered around where Patches are in 22 states. It's notable that this story penetrated all of those clusters. There were always vigils, relatives, local runners, or people who needed to talk about the attack. Patch's wide network of coverage shows how the attack that killed three and wounded over 100 intimately affected the lives of Americans across the country.

MAC April 21, 2013 at 04:49 AM
The WARNING by Russia against Tamerlan Tsarnaev in 2011 was "absolute Intelligence gold," which Obama's policies prevented the FBI from taking seriously!! This is according to a former U.S. Attorney. He said this morning that if the FBI had been allowed to act correctly on this warning, these bombings on Monday would have been prevented! The president is not only derelict in his most essential duty, to PROTECT Americans, but he actively obstructs the prosecution of the "War on TERROR," because he denies that radical Jihadi terrorists exist and want to kill Americans! How can Americans be protected if our military can't, and the "Justice" dept. WON'T call TERRORISTS what they are?! Consider the radical Jihadist who slaughtered many at Ft. Hood--labeled by O "workplace violence"! O refuses to acknowledge that radical Jihadis are our ENEMIES--in fact he invites CAIR and other radical Muslim enablers into the WH, and appoints them to government jobs! His real mouthpiece, David Axelrod, encouraged the idea that "Tax Day" and right-wing extremists were likely responsible for the vile acts perpetrated at the Marathon on Monday. CNN, Esquire and others were absolutely salivating for such to be true, and indulged in disgusting speculation blaming a conservative group or persons! Oh, to live in a nation where our enemies are identified by name and it's ok in popular discourse to err on the side of insult when speaking of those who are trying to kill us!
Captain Midnight April 22, 2013 at 04:22 AM
Oh seriously, name the "radical Muslim enablers invited to the White House and subsequently were appointed to government jobs". Let's have them: names, dates, positions and documented references that they are "radical Muslims"..


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