Police: Citizen Tip Leads to Arrest of Felon Promoting Prostitution, Human Trafficking

Would you call the police if you thought something suspicious was happening on your block?

The Richfield Public Safety Department is encouraging more citizens to put aside their fears of being a "nosey neighbor."

According to the department's Facebook page, a citizen called 911 last week to report an unknown car driving around the neighborood, making frequent stops. While this could have been anything, as it turned out, the driver was a felon who was subsequently arrested and charged with two counts of promoting prostitution and one count of human trafficking, according to police.

"No police department can function effectively without the assistance of responsible citizens," the Facebook post said. "Some people fail to call 911 for fear of seeming like a 'nosey neighbor' or they don’t want to 'get involved.' Others assume someone else will call the police."

With this successful arrest, the department took the opportunity to encourage other citizens to be more proactive.

"Don’t worry about being embarrassed if your suspicions prove unfounded," the post went on. "Think instead about what might happen if you don’t."

Would you feel comfortable calling the police is you saw suspcious activity on your street? Have you ever stopped yourself from doing so? Should the police be responding to every report? Tell us in the comments section below.

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