Andrew Engeldinger Had 1997 Arrest On Record

Engeldinger was charged fleeing a police officer and reckless driving.

Richfield native the man who killed five people and wounded three others in a shooting at a Minneapolis business last week, was arrested in 1997 after fleeing police and crashing his car. Police originally reported that Engeldinger had no prior record.

According to an MPR article, was driving with an expired vehicle registration in Bloomington on Jan. 21, 1997 when a police officer in a squad car motioned for him to pull over. Engeldinger proceeded to accelerated between 90 and 100 mph and ran a red light before crashing into a fence by Highway 62.

"I didn't think you guys could leave your city," the incident report quoted Engeldinger as saying. "I figured if I made it to Richfield I was okay. But when you kept going, I knew I was in trouble."

Engeldinger, who was 20 at the time, was charged with fleeing a police officer and reckless driving. After pleading guilty to reckless driving, the other charge was dropped, according to the MPR article.

Read the full MPR article here.


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B_Schiff October 07, 2012 at 11:43 AM
Is the point of sharing this detail to suggest that any 20 yr old kid who thinks the cops operate by 'Dukes of Hazard' rules may be a danger to society? Is it just me, or does the headline kind of lead into it that way - as in "OMG! This guy was a real bada&&!!!" No, I just think his criminal history would be interesting if it was more impactful; either recent, and/or very active with multiple offenses, or violent in nature. The MOST I could take from this is that it illustrates how he'd been off the radar for 15 years before he snapped and retaliated with bullets to being fired. But then, if anything, that leads some people to be paranoid about any of their friends or neighbors. This is more like trivia that news. I think his family's concerns about his mental health were more of a flag than this 15 yr old violation. What am I missing, here??


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