An Unhappy Best Buy Costumer, Minor Consumption & Burglary: WPolice Blotter

Incident and arrest details from Nov. 1-3.

All the following information was taken from the Richfield Public Safety Department's crime reports from Nov. 5, 2012, detailing incidents from Nov. 1-3.

Nov. 1

  • A female was reportedly robbed of $150 after accepting a ride from two males.
  • A juvenile was cited for tobacco and fireworks possession.
  • A 65-year-old was arrested for third-degree DUI.
  • Officers responded to a burglary on the 7500 block of Colfax. Items valued at more than $700 were reported missing.
  • Police responded to Motel 6 on a report of a female running away from a male. The female victim was not injured and the male suspect was taken to jail.

Nov. 2

  • Officers responded to LA Fitness to take a report of a theft from a vehicle. The vehicle's window had been broken out to gain access.
  • A juvenile student from SEC was located after trespassing on Richfield High School grounds. He was cited and turned over to school adminstration.
  • Police responded to an assault between two sisters on the 7700 block of Penn Avenue. The suspect left before officers arrived and was not located.
  • Police responded to an attempted burglary on the 6200 block of Pleasant Avenue in which the suspect tried to pry the door open.
  • Police responded to the Menard's building site after tools valued at $2,200 were reported stolen.
  • A cell phone was reported stolen while its owner was at Payless Shoe Source.
  • Best Buy reported receiving threats from an unknown suspect over the phone. The party called the store asking about an iPhone. When the employee idicated the store did not have any in stock, the suspect threatened to blow up the store.
  • Police took a report of a protection order violation.
  • A woman reported that on two separate occassions a group of males had attempted to break into her home.
  • Police responded to an apartment on the 7500 block of Penn Avenue after a rock was reportedly thrown through a window. There are no suspects or witnesses.
  • Four juveniles were issued a citation for underage liquor constumption. One adult, who is under 21, was also cited for underage consumption.

Nov. 3

  • Police responded to a report of a protection order violation.
  • A 31-year-old Richfield man was arrested for fourth-degree DUI.
  • Police responded to a residence on the 7600 block of Penn Avenue on a after a 911 hang-up call.
  • A victim reported that his bicycle tires had been slashed and the tubes had been pulled out. The male suspect told hime he was angry at him for not bringing back cigarette butts to smoke earlier and had vandalized his bike for that reason. The reporting party did not want police action, but to have the incident noted in case of any further retaliation from the suspect.
  • Police responded to the 6800 block of 14th Avenue on a report of harassing phone calls and unwanted visits. The victim was advised to get a order of protection.


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