Veteran Asks Others to Vote 'No' on Proposed Amendments

The following is a Letter to the Editor from a local resident and veteran.

To the Editor,

When I joined the military, I took an oath to support and protect the constitution of the United States.

In the US Constitution it has a bill of rights and prescribes three branches of the government, Executive, Legislative and Judicial. These branches of government are the first 3 articles of the constitution and is the check and balance system of our government. The Minnesota state constitution is like the US Constitution. The first article is the bill of rights. The third article sets up the same three branches of government. This I swore to protect.

We the people elect our legislators, we the people elect the governor, we the people in Minnesota elect the supreme court justices. We already have the power, we do not need to go around the system and alter the constitution. 

All veterans swore to uphold the US Constitution which dictates the 3 branches of the government which is also dictated in our state constitution. I call on all veterans to honor this oath and vote NO on these 2 amendments to the state constitution.


Larry Edlund


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