Letter: Vote 'Yes' on Referendum and Reaffirm What Richfield Stands For

A local resident shows his support for the proposed referendum.

Editor's Note: The following is a letter submitted to Richfield Patch.

To the Editor,

On November 6, Richfield voters will have a wonderful opportunity to reaffirm what kind of community we are. On that day, voters will be presented with two important questions: 1) To renew a voter-approved school operating levy that is expiring (with no resulting tax increase), and 2) To increase school funding by $60 per student(a monthly tax increase of only $1.33 per month for the average Richfield homeowner).  Why is this important? Consider the facts:

  • Without the renewal, $3.7 million will be cut annually from the Richfield School’s operating budget.
  •  Over the last ten years, the Richfield School District has already had to reduce its budget by $10 million.
  • Without the renewal, class sizes will increase and the district will be forced to reduce and/or eliminate programs that support reading and literacy, transportation, and college prep.
  • With the renewal and increase, the district would be able to maintain class sizes in targeted grades, and forestall future cutbacks.

But beyond the facts and figures, a YES vote on these questions sends a strong message that Richfield continues to value education, its children, and its future. Help make this happen by getting a YES FOR SCHOOLS  ribbon (contact me at 612-798-0454) and proudly display it in your yard. Spread the word that our kids and our community deserve to have adequately funded schools. Finally, show up on November 6 and VOTE YES.  The kids won’t be the only winners – strong schools are a community asset and are the foundation of our solid property values.

Brian McGlinn

Chairman of Richfield Citizens for a Quality Community (CQC).

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Deb Etienne October 12, 2012 at 04:31 PM
Thank you, Brian for writing such a detailed letter! You are exactly right, we need this referendum to pass. The kids of Richfield are counting on us.


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