Letter: Leigh Harrod is the 'Value-Added' Candidate for Three Rivers Park District 4

"She is indeed an intelligent, skilled, and unique candidate desiring to serve Three Rivers Park District with her multi-dimensional view."

To the Editor:

As a former Park Commissioner for 18-years on the Three Rivers Park Board, I highly recommend Leigh Harrod as the better candidate choice for District 4. I encourage you to visit Leigh's web site for her specifics: WWW.HARROD4PARKS.COM

Leigh Harrod offers more than a resume brimming full of professional credentials in natural resources. Her life-long focus, with several University degrees in Environmental Management, plus her 30-year career as a Professional Geologist, is a testament to her values. This focus is matched by the value that she recognizes Three Rivers Parks and Trails have added to the quality and enjoyment of her life.

Leigh Harrod is therefore what I describe as “Value Added.” This is because she offers something special with her expertise and passion for natural resources in addition to solid credentials. She is indeed an intelligent, skilled, and unique candidate desiring to serve Three Rivers Park District with her multi-dimensional view. I've enjoyed hours of conversation with her and am completely confident in her talent to successfully work with other Commissioners as a team to maintain excellence in the Three Rivers Park District while fulfilling its mission and being mindful of taxpayers.

I urge you to visit her web site, consider the benefit her rich background in natural resources will bring to the Park District and join me in endorsing Leigh Harrod for Three Rivers Park Commissioner in District 4…..and then spread the word to your family, friends and neighbors!

Rosemary Franzese
Former Three Rivers Park Commissioner, District 5

Dave Lloyd October 17, 2012 at 09:46 PM
Thanks, Rosemary. A reasoned, thoughtful and well written endorsement based on qualifications. There's no mention that Ms. Harrod is part of the political elite or that we should vote for her because she is your friend. Rosemary, I hope you understand that being qualified is not how these processes work. You have to have a circle of back slappers already in office to endorse you. Then, we are suppose to be so fortunate that the back slappers could get one of their own to run. Here, just a straight forward case of the best person by your account is Leigh Harrod. Thanks for your valuable thoughts. She has my vote.
Leigh Harrod October 18, 2012 at 11:18 PM
Thank You Dave! I am indeed a Black Horse Candidate, regular citizen with a specialty, and I find myself running against a political machine. So glad my message is getting through! I truly will focus on parks, nothing else.


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