What's Jun Bo Got to Do With It?

What's the best practice for the city in dealing with liquor licenses for offending businesses?

Have no fear residents, liquor licenses for all restaurants, grocers, clubs, bowling alleys and bars up for renewal were approved by the . The only exception was the Four Points Sheraton license, which was removed from the agenda at the start of the meeting.

The council's easy approval of the licenses was nothing like its renewal session in 2010. As many of you avid Richfield Patch readers will remember, license last December. The restaurant’s high number of police contacts—163 between October 2009 and September 2010—along with a state investigation into the restaurant's finances, prompted the council members scrutiny of the renewal. Most businesses with licenses up for renewal Tuesday had contact incidents in the single-digits, according to 's analysis.

Jun Bo's license was ultimately , after Mayor Debbie Goettel ordered liquor sales to stop immediately.

So, here's the question: What's the best practice for the city in making a decision like this? Does the size of the business get taken into account? Or should all be created equal?

In my opinion its probably best to make these decisions on a case by case basis. For example, and draw much larger crowds on a daily basis than some of the smaller establishments in town. So it's likely the larger businesses will have more contacts with police do to a higher volume of clientele. Percentage wise, it probably evens out with the smaller places—not that this should be a hall pass for businesses to get lazy.

Tell us what you think on this issue by sharing your thoughts in the comments section below.


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