Five Great Father's Day Gift Ideas

Don't forget about Dad! With Father's Day right around the corner on June 19, make sure your daddy dearest has something great to open.

He's the man who taught you how to hit a ball off a tee, helped you with your math homework and prevented you from dating until you were 16. Not only has Dad always been there for you, he's also taught you how to be smart with your money. So what can you get the man who has everything without destroying your budget? Richfield businesses offer a lot of great options, close to home. So go ahead and spend a few extra bucks on your dad instead of on gas.

Strengthen His Golf Game

You may never understand why he gets up at the crack of dawn to hit that little ball around the course, but you love him anyway. has all the essentials for a golf-loving dad, and you can still get a much appreciated gift without knowing a lot about the sport.

General Manager Brad Chorpening thinks the most popular gifts are the more basic ones.

"Easy Father's Day gifts are golf balls, shirts or gift cards," he said. "If you know certain things, you can move onto the golf clubs."

So why does dad enjoy the game? According to Chorpening, there are many reasons.

"You get to spend time with your friends and spend time outside," he said. "Also, men always enjoy a challenge and trying to master something. You can never really master golf, so it's always a good challenge."

Just don't be around him when his ball makes a beeline for the water ... again.

Keep in Happy, and Caffeinated

Instead of watching Dad re-heat that same cup of Folgers all day, get him some quality whole-bean coffee from so he can sip in style. Caribou offers a variety of coffee, so check with Mom to see if he prefers a lighter or darker roast. Caribou also sells mugs and tumblers. A Twins tumbler and a bag of beans is the perfect gift for a dad-on-the-go.

Currently, Caribou Coffee is running a Father's Day promotion: If you spend $30 on dad, you get a coupon for a free medium drink for yourself.

A great bonus that helps you keep Dad happy and get yourself an iced mocha as a reward.

Beers and Bowling

Dads need their "Me Time," too. Treat him to a night out with the guys, or pick up the tab on a game with just the two of you at . In addition to league nights, Lariat Lanes offers open bowling and great food - so Dad won't leave hungry.

Gift certificates are available in any amount and can be used for anything at Lariat Lanes. So if you feel like popping for a round of beer, too, you can do that with the certificate. Manager Brandi James thinks a gift card will give your dad a much-needed chance to get out of the house, as she witnesses with some of the league bowlers.

"A lot of it has to do with getting away from the wives and children for a night," she said. "It's their night out [and] it's fun to socialize with other men, too."

Computer Care

Everyone has a computer these days; even people who aren't quite ready for the 21st century. This may include your dad. The worst part is, he'll still think he can fix it when things go haywire. To avoid a headache, get Dad a package from that he can use to prevent computer viruses and future expletives.

ChipHeads manager Chuck Whitney notices that a lot of men first try to fix things on their own.

"[Men try to fix things because of] control and frugality," Whitney said. "Why pay someone to do something you should be able to do yourself? Fixing things is man's work."

When that doesn't work, ChipHeads' Virus Protection Package will come in handy. For $288 a year, Dad will benefit from unlimited virus cleaning. While there are ways to protect against viruses, it is inevitable that some infections will sneak through and the package will take care of any excess bugs.

Go in with a sibling on this gift and Dad will be sure to thank you; right after you teach him how to use Google, one more time.

Let Him Kick-Up His Feet

There's nothing many fathers love more than kicking up their feet and relaxing the afternoon away in front of the game. Though he may love his old recliner, he could probably use a newer and cleaner one.

offers recliners at a discount from most retail rates. Get him one with a cup holder, or a personalized Vikings chair. Dave's will deliver so you won't even need to borrow Dad's truck to get the armchair home. Set it up for Sunday afternoon and have your dad test it out with a nap on his special day.

Plus, we all know there's no better time to hit up Dad for cash than when he's in a relaxing half-nap!

Happy Father's Day from Richfield Patch!


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