A Salute To My Nanas & Papas On Grandparents Day

Upload a photo of Grandma and Grandpa and tell them how you feel about them or your favorite memory.

All my grandparents have been gone for years, however, I think of them often.

Grandma Stella always had orange pop and molasses cookies ready for my sister, Sarah, and I when we'd visit. Oh yes. She'd send us home good and wound up.

Grandpa Pat used to sit me on his knee and we'd relax in his recliner.

Grandma Lil made the best sage dressing every Thanksgiving. She'd spend hours making sure each piece of celery was properly peeled.

Grandpa Bob took us "garage sailing." He could never miss an opportunity to find another ancient Electrolux vacuum cleaner. After the work was done, we'd head to the park and he'd snap a photo or two of us frolicking. He kept every card we ever made for him.

I also can't forget Grandpa Lou and Grandma Lois; my mom's best friend's parents. Every Halloween, post Richfield trick-or-treating, we'd go to their home in Bloomington to make another candy round. Grandpa Lou would prevent Uncle Doug from stealing all my Three Musketeers bars.

I love and miss you all.

So, in honor of Sunday's Grandparents Day, upload a photo of your grandparent with a message here. To add a photo click on "Add Photos and Videos" at the top of the photo box and put your message in the comments section.

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